Lake Babine Nation Governance Advisory Team

Would you like to be apart of the Lake Babine Nation Governance Advisory Team?

Lake Babine Nation is seeking team members to represent the following groups:

  • One position per community: Ft. Babine, Old Fort, Tachet, Pinkut/Donald’s, & Woyenne
  • One position from each clan: Likh Cibu, Jilh Tsekh Yu, Gil Lan Ten, Likh Tsa Mis Yu
  • One position for an elder/knowledge holder
  • One position for a Youth (i.e 16-25 years old)
  • Two positions for Urban members (i.e living off reserve)
  • Two positions for elected Council

Interested? Click here for full details and how to apply

Updated April 17, 2019; Posted until positions are filled