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Woyenne Indian Reserve #27


Margaret Patrick Memorial Centre
Catering & Hall Rental

(250) 692-3499
819 Centre Street
PO Box 879
Burns Lake, BC  V0J 1E0

Margaret Patrick Memorial Centre provides catering services and hall rental for weddings, social gatherings, memorials, conference settings, annual general assemblies, or business meetings. MPMC is Located in Burns Lake on the Woyenne Reserve, this facility is central to all amenities in Burns Lake in terms of its location and accessibility. This facility also operates weekly bingos on scheduled for Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Elders Bingo is held on Monday nights.


LBN Public Works Yard

837 Lower Lorne Street
PO Box 879
Burns Lake, BC  V0J 1E0

Lake Babine Nation Public Works Yard is owned and operated by Lake Babine Nation. LBN Members provide services such as appliance repairs, plumbing, and house repairs. Appliances that can be repaired are cookstoves, washers, and dryers. Plumbing services include leak repairs, toilet or sink replacements, and plugged sewer lines. House repairs include drywall and minor renovations. All workers are Lake Babine Nation members. Services are available to Fort Babine, Tachet, Donalds Landing, and Old Fort communities.

Morris Williams Memorial Preschool

(250) 692-7611
827 Williams Drive
PO Box 879
Burns Lake, BC  V0J 1E0

Morris Williams Memorial Preschool is fully certification to operate as a BC equivalent standard preschool. This facility is operated by LBN Members with a unique curriculum that includes the Babine Carrier Language as the first language. Preschoolers are picked up at their home with a school bus. Preschoolers are prepared to enter into the public educational system with an adage of early intervention programs.

Ted Williams Memorial Learning Centre

Learning Centre (Adult Ed): (250) 692-2329
Kay Skak (High School): (250) 692-2355 
142 Sus Ave
PO Box 879
Burns Lake, BC  V0J 1E0

This facility is operated by LBN Members and has advanced into blending today's technological advances in all Adult Learning programs. The Babine Carrier Language is currently being introduced as part of the curriculum with the students being reintroduced into the balhats system.

Sne Cal Yegh Gas Bar Convenience Store



Manager: Clayton Charlie


Phone: (250) 692-3901

Fax: (250) 692-3914
819D Centre Street
PO Box 879
Burns Lake, BC  V0J 1E0






July 2,2015 - Customer Appreciation Day

The dream of LBN owning a gas and convenience store became a reality on June of 2009.  Sne Cal Yegh Gas and Convenience Store is located on the Woyenne Reserve, 819 D Centre Street.  Our convenience store has on staff a store manager, six store clerks, and four gas jockeys.

The store operation hours are as follows:

Monday - Friday: 6:00 a.m. - 10:30 p.m.

Saturday: 8:00 a.m. - 10:30 p.m.

Sunday: 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

*Closed on Stat Holidays*


The store services the members of LBN and other first nation members who come onto our reserve for business or personal reasons.  The Sne Cal Yegh Gas and Convenience Store sells full service regular and diesel gas to status members and non-status members.  We sell status tobacco; convenience items and lottery tickets.

We welcome you to come and visit the store where you will be approached by a friendly face.


Resumes are always welcome! Hiring positions: Cashiers and Gas Jockeys.  Please forward your resumes to Clayton Charlie - Store Manager.

If travelling from Prince George Highway 16 west, Turn right just before the Husky Gas Station and follow the H (hospital) sign. Continue on Centre Street, Located beside MPMC Hall - across from The Pines Care Home.

If Travelling from Smithers, Highway 16, east, just before the Husky Gas Station, again follow the H sign and as you reach the hospital, just keep driving straight up on Centre street and you will reach the Woyenne Reserve, you will see the LBN community hall and the store is right across from it.