Fort Babine Fish Fence Update

The Fort Babine Fish Fence will be open for two weeks starting Tuesday August 13, 2019 and ending Sunday August 25, 2019 on a first come first serve basis to Lake Babine Nation Members. (Subject to change pending fish count and to be assessed after two weeks to allow fish to get to the spawning grounds.)

Fish Fence Hours of Operation:
Tuesday – Sunday
10 am – 6 pm

  • Limit of one – time pick up of 15 sockeye per Lake Babine Nation Member
  • Lake Babine Nation members must be present with their status card unless they have received permission from Chief & Council in advance No one can collect food fish on behalf of another member
  • Must be a Lake Babine Nation Member and 18+ years of age
  • Those who have already received food fish via delivery are not eligible at the Fort Babine Fish Fence.
  • We suggest members to carpool to the Fort Babine Fish fence with proper transport containers (totes, coolers, etc.) and sufficient ice. The Fort Babine Fish Fence does not have ice or transport containers on hand.

For more information, contact Annalynn Prince (250) 692-4780