Housing, Capital & Infrastructure


The Housing Committee is seeking Two (2) Housing Committee Members

To Apply, submit your letter of interest to Rhonda Brown, Housing Manager


Our Team

Councillor Cheyene Dennis – Housing, Capital & Infrastructure Portfolio Holder

Bernard Patrick – Housing & Capital Infrastructure Director
Rick Dobbs – Capital Asset Protection Officer

Housing Department:

Rhonda Brown – Housing Manager
Angela Nap – Housing Clerk
Bernadette Dennis – Accounts Receivable Clerk
Rodney Patrick – Housing Maintenance
Zachary Lowley – Housing Maintenance
Jerry Tom – Housing Maintenance
Aaron Joseph – Housing Maintenance

Housing Committee:

Geraldine Michell – Woyenne Representative
Debbie West – Woyenne Representative
Marilyn Alec – Woyenne Representative
Mary West – Woyenne Representative
Victor Tom – Tachet Representative
Kenny Stevenson – Tachet Representative
Vacant – Fort Babine Representation

Operations & Maintenance:

Ivan Leon – Tachet O/M Worker
Vacant – Fort Babine O/M Worker
Bruce Alec – Woyenne Administration Office O/M Worker
Shumka Janitorial – Woyenne Administration Office Custodians

Water Treatment Plant:

June Williams – Tachet Main Water Treatment Operator
Robert West – Tachet Back-Up Water Treatment Operator
Luma Dumont – Fort Babine Main Water Treatment Operator
Bruce Charlie – Fort Babine Back-Up Water Treatment Operator