Indian Registry

The Lake Babine Nation is one of the largest bands in British Columbia.
The Lake Babine Nation consists of 1225 males and 1319 females totaling 2544 band members.

The Certificate of Indian Status, more commonly referred to as a Status Card, is an official form of identification issued by Indian Northern Affairs Canada to a person who is registered as an indian under the provisions of the Indian Act. Card holders are entitled to service and benefits that include non-insured healthcare and certain tax exemptions on purchases.

Identification Requirements:

The Status Card Policy states that an applicant is to provide the Indian Registry Administrator with two (2) pieces of identification:

Primary I.D. (Must be Photo Identification)

  • Canadian Passport
  • Provincial I.D.
  • Employee I.D.
  • Student I.D.
  • Firearm Licence
  • Drivers Licence

Secondary I.D.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Provincial Health Card
  • Valid Indian Status Card (before it expires)

Any IRA (Indian Registration Administrator) who issues status cards to individuals who are only presenting one piece of valid I.D. or no I.D. at all will have their authority to issue status cards removed. As per a policy directive from the office of the Indian Registry, effective immediately, original long form birth certificates MUST be provided for all registrations of birth.