April 17, 2020: Funding from Federal Government regarding COVID-19

Funding from Federal Government regarding COVID-19

Funding allocated to First Nations from the Indigenous Community Support Fund (ICSF) – $305,000,000 (all across Canada) breakdown:

First Nations (includes LBN) – $215,000,000

Inuit – $45,000,000

Metis – $30,000,000

Regional/Urban (off reserve member) – $15,000,000 (only off reserve organizations such as Friendship Centres can access) **

Total – $305,000,000


BC Region’s part of the funding of $215,000,000:

First Nations (includes LBN) – 39,567,000

LBN’s portion of the $39,567,000 which is prorated with 198 First Nations in BC – $488,388


Breakdown of the funding of $488,388 & how they must be used according to Indigenous Services Canada:



– $75,708 to be used for SA emergency/disaster supplement (special needs) such as food boxes, supplies & services

– $151,927 to be for EOC costs, social & cultural supports, meet the needs of vulnerable person in isolation, shipping of food & other necessities to continue essential services




-Support for elder & vulnerable community members

-Measures to address food insecurity

-Educational & other support for children

-mental health assistance & emergency response services

-preparedness measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

In our conversation with ISC these pots of funding is not meant to distribute to the members as it was meant to come up with ways to assist & educate the members and protecting our communities through our EOC and none of this funding is used to pay for wages for anyone in the EOC as it covers administrative cost for EOC such as food & supplies with the majority being spent on the other areas identified.


**Off Reserve Funding

The funding allocated for off reserve as shown above is only $15,000,000 for all across Canada and First Nation organizations such as Friendship Centres servicing urban members are the ones that need to apply for these funds by way of plans on how they will be utilizing the funds which is what the deadline of April 13th was so that fund depleted right away.

As of now the cost of the checkpoints in terms of wages, supplies & fuel is approximately $76,400 bi-weekly which works out to about $152,800 per month which we cannot recoup that cost anywhere from any forms of government which is also an issue with other First Nations across Canada that are doing the same thing.

There are no other funding coming into LBN from Indigenous Services Canada anytime soon as the funding identified above is all that has dispersed