March 26, 2020 COVID-19 Message from Elders/Knowledge Holders

Lake Babine Nation COVID-19 Message from Elders/Knowledge Holders

Audio Message and Carrier Translation – Members are encouraged share Carrier Translated Audio message with Elders and those who do not have Facebook or Internet Access. Mesiy

Wilf Adam

Beverly Michell

  • COVID-19 is a very serious illness
  • Social Distancing: Stay and Keep 6 Feet → apart
  • Hand Hygiene: hand washing for 20 seconds
  • Stay Home. Only leave home for food, and medicine

Think about keeping our High Risk members Safe:

  • Elders are very vulnerable and are the people generally passing from this Virus
  • Children under 5

Do these things to keep everyone safe. No one is immune to the COVID-19 Virus.

Socializing is DANGEROUS. We need to stay home and not visit family and friends. When we party, the virus will party too and make everyone sick.

Please keep our Nation HEALTHY.