Meet the team

The Team

The Foundation Pathway Negotiation staff are here to support implementation of the Foundation Agreement and to provide on-going updates and communication between Lake Babine Nation and the Province of British Columbia and Canada .  Those providing that service and positions are as follows:

  • Betty Patrick – Foundation Negotiation Implementation Project Manager Email
  • Roxane Alec – Foundation Negotiation Implementation Project Assistant Email
  • Dorothy Patrick – Foundation Negotiation Community Engagement Coordinator Email
  • Priscilla Crouse – Lake Babine Nation Skills Training Program Coordinator Email
  • Deanna Nolan -Lake Babine Nation Skills Training Student Support Worker Email
  • Alan Hanna, Principle Researcher and Interim Governance Researchers: Darcy Dennis , Marvin Williams, Barbara Adam-Williams

For more information, please contact any of our team members.

Whitney Laffin

My name is Whitney Laffin. My clan is Likh c’ bu (Bear). My parents are Verna Power from Old Fort and Frank Power from Newfoundland. Verna Power is the daughter of Louise and Joseph Alec of Old Fort. Frank Power is the son of Humphrey and Catherine Power of Newfoundland. I am adopted within the family. My biological parents are Ann Alec and John Julian. Ann Alec is also the daughter of Louise and Joseph Alec. John Julian is the son of John and Bertha Julian of Fort St James. I am married to Bruce Laffin from Nova Scotia and we have 2 children together.

My mom always brought me to Old Fort in the summertime to help harvest and enjoy our homeland, I worked in Old Fort as a student in my youth. I have worked at Endako mines as a haul truck driver.

In between jobs I worked at the fisheries in Tachet for one season. I was then hired at Fraser Lake Sawmills and worked there for 14 years.

I am ecstatic to be working with this Foundation agreement team because I believe this is a step in the right direction for our nation that will result in many opportunities today and in the lives of our children and grandchildren. We get a say in what happens, we get to help our own people come out of poverty and come back to our homeland and thrive. I have never got to live home all year round and this Foundation Agreement is going to let us do that.

Our path is going to be changed, our traditions and practices will flourish in the future. I dream of the day that we all can speak nadooten, live on our homeland, and succeed financial and spiritually.


Blake West

Hello my name is Blake West (Julian), I live and work from Prince George, British Columbia. I’m 7th generation Old Fort descendant and part of the Bear Clan.

My Grandparents are Joe Alec Sr. and Louise Alec from Old Fort, British Columbia. My mom is Ann Margaret Alec from Old Fort and my father is John Julian Jr. from Fort St. James.

My previous work experience includes Inventory Clerk at Prince George Ford; multiple different positions within the sawmill industry; laborer for Lake Babine Nation; and shift manager at Wendy’s.

I’m super excited about this Pathway Foundation Agreement. If there is a time where we need to see change and healing for our members… it’s now. We have so much displacement within our Nation and I believe that this Foundation Agreement will put a call out to all our members and bring them home to participate in all of the opportunities that this agreement will bring.

My dream for Lake Babine Nation’s five communities is to bring all our members home, bring healing to all the members and communities, to have a strength and unity within our Nation, to have pride in where we come from not just from our words but by our actions, to carry on our traditional ways and teachings and make them even stronger so that they can never be taken from us again. I believe in my heart of hearts that this Pathway Foundation Agreement can help take us there.

Musi cho, tebee engussi


Samantha Michell

Hello, my name is Samantha Michell.  I sit in bear clan and my parents are Bruce Alec and Beatrice MacDonald.  My grandparents on my fathers’ side are Peter Alec and late Mildred Alec, my grandparents on my mothers’ side are Monty and Emma Palmantier and my late biological grandfather is Morris Williams.

I have worked many different jobs such as a store clerk, a chamber maid, administrative assistant, a wellness clerk, a youth worker and an adult support worker.  I have gained knowledge and experience from each of these rolls that helped me understand that my true passion is in helping people.

I am excited to be in the Program Liaison Officer position because I know our team will make a difference in our community, connecting members to programs, supports and services and to help our members understand the foundation agreement and why this change will be amazing for the future generations to come.

Musi’ Cho

Samantha Michell


Rita West

Hi, I’m Rita West and I come from the Marten Clan on the Frog side. I reside in Woyenne Reserve.

My Parents are John West & Mary West

I’ve held numerous jobs as a laborer such as Welder’s helper, various camp jobs, forestry and some office work. In between jobs I have taken upgrading and training to build my skills. For employment, I spent most of the last decade in Prince George, BC and only recently moved back home. I look forward in working for Lake Babine Nation and to work with you as our Nation.  I love to learn and to take on new challenges. In this role I’m excited to embrace the new norms of technology, it’s a daunting task and challenging, but that’s what I do best, to strive at learning new ways of living since the pandemic outbreak.

As a Foundation Agreement: Project Liaison Officer I’ll be sharing with our members about the Foundation Agreement. It’s the first time in history that the Lake Babine Nations, the Government of Canada and British Columbia have come together in agreement to build a foundation for our Lake Babine Nation the Rights and Title. The agreement protects the Nations’ cultural and heritage value and conserves the natural resources and recreational opportunities for future generations.

I look forward to visiting with you soon, until then, remember to keep distancing, wash your hands frequently and don’t’ touch your face. Stay home if you know or coming down with symptom’s of COVID 19.  Always protect yourselves and family members. Most of all your children and our elders.