Lake Babine Nation Closes Recreational Fishery

Effective August 1, 2023, the Lake Babine Nation is taking action to protect our salmon populations. Due to high water temperatures, the recreational salmon fishery on the Babine River between the Tse Tesli (Babine) counting fence and the Nilkitkwa River is closed until further notice.

This temporary protective measure will reduce stress on the salmon during this critical period, supporting their long-term success as a species.

Salmon are essential in maintaining the ecological balance of the Babine River and surrounding areas. Additionally, their significance extends deeply into the cultural heritage and economic well-being of Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities in the region.

By combining science and traditional knowledge, the Lake Babine Nation has developed conservative guidelines that close the fishery when average weekly high temperatures exceed 15.5ºC or daily temperatures reach 17.5ºC.

As of late July 2023, temperatures on the Babine River are above 18ºC, and the river sits at less than half a metre high. High water temperatures reduce salmon survival rates and put future salmon stocks at significant risk.

The recreational fishery in the Babine River Corridor adds more pressure on these vital fish. Anglers, dogs, and catch-and-release practices force salmon to expend the last of their energy just before they reach their spawning grounds in the Babine watershed.

We encourage anglers to enjoy responsible fishing throughout beautiful Babine Lake. There are several excellent fishing spots accessible from Granisle and other areas.

Thank you for understanding and being part of our efforts to protect the future of our precious salmon.

We want future generations to experience the joys of catching and eating salmon, and that’s why this protective measure is crucial.

Mesiy (thank you) for respecting the closure by not fishing in the Babine River Corridor during this time.

Let’s work together to protect our wild salmon and secure a sustainable future for this treasured species. Your support is key in preserving the health and abundance of our salmon populations.

To download document, click here: July 28 2023 News Release Lake Babine Nation Closes Recreational Fishery in Babine River Corridor