Lake Babine Nation will close schools and offices to protect members and stop the spread of Covid 19.

Deputy Chief says two-week shutdown needed to protect Elders and most vulnerable

October 29, 2021- Lake Babine Nation Territory

Lake Babine Nation will close schools, Nation offices, and all but the most essential services for two weeks starting Monday November 1st. The Nation has lost four members to Covid since it declared a State of Emergency on October 8, 2021.

The Nation continues to observe rapid transmission of Covid among school children who then bring the virus home to adults. Six Lake Babine Nation members are currently hospitalized due to Covid, many far from home.

“Our Council met this morning and unanimously agreed to these measures,” said Deputy Chief Derek MacDonald. “We are begging people, please stay still, stay home. If you feel sick call our E.O.C. or 811. We need to protect one another and especially our Elders and most vulnerable.”

The Lake Babine Nation Emergency Operations Centre (E.O.C.) will continue operations, providing essential services to members who have contracted Covid. The E.O.C. supports members to recover at home by providing groceries, medications, and other essential items.

A virtual Covid information session is scheduled for Thursday November 4 from 1:00-4:00 PM and all LBN members on and off-reserve are encouraged to attend. https://lakebabine.com/covid-information-session-november-4-2021/.

Lake Babine Chief and Council and E.O.C. thank you for your cooperation as we work together to contain the spread of Covid-19. Please share this important message with your relatives.


Media Contact
Deputy Chief Derek MacDonald
(250) 692-0466


During the temporary office closure LBN members can access the following essential services

Department Phone number
Emergency Operations Centre (250) 251-6306
Patient Travel (250) 692-6744
News Release- 10.29.21 Lake Babine Nation will close schools and offices to protect members and stop the spread of Covid 19