Economic Development Department

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Economic Development in the Lake Babine Nation provides all members of the five communities with Fair access to stable and fulfilling employment and educational opportunities, so members and future generations have good living conditions, a healthy lifestyle, and a strong cultural identity.


The Lake Babine Nation will strive to promote economic development to improve the well being of its current and future members through community economic development planning and implementation of projects and businesses suited to the five communities and to provide supporting actions that enable members to actively participate in and benefit from economic development.

Lake Babine Nation boasts 5 beautiful and resource rich communities.  The Nation has 3 gas bars, a thriving fishery, shared timber areas, and lake shore land available for business development and investment opportunities. 

Investment in cultural tourism opportunities, retail and service areas, alternative energy and various equipment and construction and maintenance projects are of interest to the Lake Babine Nation at this time. Training, partnership and investment are priorities for enhancing the quality of life of the membership and revenues to the Nation and their respective communities overall.

The Economic Development department can assist with exploring employment and training desires, business opportunities, building business skills, and assist with direction to financing and grants with the membership.  Priorities also are to establish and undertake research and development projects, analyze existing businesses for competitive advantages and review for investment opportunities for the Nation.

Contact the links for further information or to discuss an opportunity for Lake Babine Nation.

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