Youth Council

About Us

We bring young people together to find their voice and use to improve the lives of young people. We work with others to amplify young people’s voices to create an environment in which young people views are valued, sought and acted upon.

Our Vision Statement:

“Youth empowered by youth”

Our Values:

  • Participation: All young people have the right to participate in the decisions that affect their lives and issues which they believe in locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Equality: We promote equality among young people – all young people in our organization are valued equally.
  • Diversity: Young people are diverse with different needs and opinions and this is to be recognized and commemorated.
  • Recognition: Young people are recognized for the positive contributions they make to society, their place as citizens now and in the future.

Our Priorities

  • To advocate the inclusion, and encourage governments to include young people in delegations to international functions.
  • To be a centre for information on youth work and development, and accordingly collect, monitor, analyse and disseminate information including the exchange of experiences and best practices in youth-led development.
  • To provide a website, online resources and to create project plans and campaigns so that young people can be integral in the achievement of the Commonwealth youth development agenda and sustainable development.

Our Team

Phoebe Dennis, President
Carrie Crouse, Vice President
Kiara Alec, Sr. Secretary
Jasmine Tom, Sr. Council
Michelle Tom, Sr. Council
Cherith Lacerte, Sr. Council
Anthony Tom, Jr. Secretary
Tannysha Michell, Jr. Council
Marissa Crouse, Jr. Council
Susan Michell, Jr. Council
Ayianna Johnson, Tachet Council
Morgan Abraham, Tachet Council

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