Fort Babine

Fort Babine, British Columbia (Wit’at) is a small native reserve community, located at the northern tip of Babine Lake, approximately 100 km north of Smithers. It is accessible by an all-weather gravel logging road. There are approximately 60 year-round residents. Its traditional Babine name is “Wit’at,” which is an abbreviated form of “Wit’ane Keh,” “place of making dry fish.”

Archaeological evidence indicates that there is a long history of human habitation in the Fort Babine area. When the first Europeans arrived, there was at least a summer village in this location — and there may possibly have been full-time occupants. The first Hudson’s Bay Company post was established further down the lake in 1822. Fort Kilmaurs, also known as Fort Babine and later Old Fort, was eventually closed and the H.B.C. moved to the northern tip of the lake to establish a new Fort Babine. This happened in the 1840s. The H.B.C. store closed in the 1970s, but the native community remained. A direct road link to the community was finally established in the 1980s, as well as the supply of electricity. Regular telephone service finally came to Fort Babine in the spring of 2006.

Water Treatment Plant

Recently completed in its construction this facility will be commissioned in the spring of 2006. This state of the art water treatment facility will produce high quality drinking water that will be bottled and sold in the international markets.

Fort Babine Lodge Resort

Located near the mouth of the Babine River and one the world’s famous fishing haven for angler fishermen. This resort provides river boats and lodging for world travels. This facility provides affordable rates and quick access to the fishing areas.

Fort Babine Salmon Enhancement Project

Owned by the community of Fort Babine the salmon enhancement project is the result the Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy program as administered by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. The project includes fertilization of salmon eggs, incubation, and farming the fry fish until release.

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