Health Department


Working together, supporting, and empowering each other to become a healthy community leading happy, strong, vibrant lives through a holistic community approach.


To empower, support and celebrate health and wellness with individual members, families and communities through collaborative partnerships and culturally-focused, holistic, health services that are community-driven.


Respect – We treat each other with dignity, generosity and value.

Nis Tluth Ts’ etdeel – Walking forward together

Trustworthy – We are honest and fair in our action, deliberate and decision and transparent

Accountable – We understand and accept the responsibility for our actions, behaviour and decisions made on behalf on the Nation.

Teamwork – We are committed to promoting an integrated approach of flexibility and open-minded support.

Consistency – We are dedicated, committed, regular and predictable.

4 key priority areas that LBN Health Services would focus on for the next 5 years:

  1. Safety and quality of care
  2. The 5 health priorities (identified above)
  3. Strong business processes
  4. Leadership and team development

5 health priorities created by the Lake Babine Nation communities:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Physical fitness
  3. Cultural and traditional revitalization
  4. Healing workshops
  5. Address drug and alcohol abuse

Health Department Important Documents

  1. March 2017 Health Calendar
  2. First Nations Health Benefits Information Package
  3. Patient Travel Notice
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