The LBN Forestry and Natural Resources Department was established in May 2010 to create more opportunity for the Lake Babine Nation to actively manage newly acquired forest licenses and natural resources on LBN traditional land. LBNFNR qualified personnel have experience in forestry, fisheries and environmental management projects.
The LBN Forestry and Natural Resources Department program runs on a contract basis. Fulltime employment opportunities have been developed by securing contracts with Babine Forest Products. LBN also has highways brushing contracts with Lakes District Maintenance and a forest fuel management contract with Lakes Economic Development Corporation. As well, Lake Babine Nation Forestry and Natural Resources has provided crew for environmental assessment work on proposed mining projects. LBNFNR is also looking for contract opportunities with BC Hydro, BC Timber Sales, Canadian Forest Products and West Fraser Mills and with local mining exploration companies.

Wherever possible on the job training opportunities are provided. Most of the work is close to LBN home communities.

The long term objective of the LBNFNR Department is to become a significant resource management employer and to generate profits for Community projects and development.

Lake Babine Nation Reports