Liquefied Natural Gas

Press Release:

Lake Babine Nation and BC – 25 Year Vision and Letter of Understanding

The Liquefied Natural Gas(LNG) page is being constructed and updated as information becomes available, following are types of information that will be uploaded, some of which are currently on site?

What is LNG?

  • Immediately after the Working Group was struck by the Chief and Council in December of 2013, one of the first action items was to reach out to the citizens of Lake Babine, and the first round of community engagement was focused on educating member as to what is LNG?
  • The Power Point presentation that was presented at these sessions was called LNG 101 as presented by Mark Podlasly from
  • First Nations Mining and Energy Council, this presentation will be uploaded for educational and review purposes; also there was a presentation at the Special Assembly by Sean Turner from LNG Canada which will also be uploaded, and LNG facts as presented by PRGT

Lake Babine’s involvement in the LNG industry

  • Introductory write up from Betty Patrick
  • Timeline outlining Lake Babine’s involvement, when LNG was introduced, who met with Industry and Government, when were the field work contracts commenced and the progression of activities, negotiations and results to date.
  • There were a number of questions during the community engagement process, during the Special Assembly in April 2015 and the Community Sessions that followed that will be answered and uploaded.
  • Copies of studies and reviews that have been conducted to date:
  • Traditional Land Use Study – as conducted by the Firelight Group on behalf of Lake Babine.
  • Socio-Economic Study – as conducted by the Firelight Group on behalf of Lake Babine.
  • Natural Gas vs Oil Pipelines as drafted by EcoFish.
  • Reviews and recommendations to date by the various experts on a number of levels as it pertained to LBN
  • EcoFish and LBN Fisheries on fish and aquatic resources
  • Dr. Clayton Apps’ review of Terrestrial Wildlife Habitat
  • Environmental Assessment Office, their certification of the project and conditions and Management Plans.
  • Oil and Gas Commission permitting process update (on-going).

Agreements to date

  • A summary of the Project Benefits Agreement as negotiated with TransCanada on the Prince Rupert Gas Transmission project.
  • Project Benefit Agreement with the Province of BC (full agreement)
  • Memorandum of Understanding 2 as negotiated with Province of BC

Next steps/Opportunities:

  • Lake Babine is currently reviewing the agreements and working on developing an Implementation Plan, some of which cannot be completed or decided on until such time that the Election is completed.
  • Who and how the funds will be handled, be it a Trustee or other form, most of the feedback that was received was members wanting a total separate Board of Trustees to receive, handle and manage the funds that will be received as per the agreements, staff are exploring training options for the Council to consider, and who will represent all of the communities and develop
    criteria for the allocation and expending of the funds.
  • A Labour Market Study for Lake Babine and its membership is being conducted; a report will be posted upon completion of
    the project.
  • Lake Babine Aboriginal Workforce Strategy is also being developed; a report will be posted upon completion.
  • As part of the PRGT Agreements, there were some conditional direct awards to Lake Babine as follows:
  • Right of Way Clearing – for this work, there is a Joint Venture with Arctic Construction, bid negotiations are almost complete with TransCanada
  • Camp(s) – there are 2 major camps within Lake Babine territory; and the Joint Venture arrangement is directly with Fort Babine Corporation and Summit/Royal.
  • Security – the security is still being explored with DomCor at this time.
  • Medic – same as security.

MOU 2 – Memorandum of Understanding 2 with the Province of BC

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