PowerPoint from November 4, 2022 Lhilhyets’olhidic Nistah Lhok Bilhdewhdadzeelh

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Summary of Fisheries Vision

Lake Babine Nation’s (LBN) vision for fisheries is for healthy, abundant and sustainable fish population in the Lake Babine Territory (“Territory”), including wild salmon.

This will ensure sufficient healthy stocks to meet LBN’s harvest needs and provide commercial fishing opportunities as well.

LBN will manage its fishing according to its own laws and customs.

LBN will collaborate with Canada and British Columbia (BC) on fisheries management pursuant to its inherent rights of self-government, self-determination and Aboriginal title in keeping with its traditional role as a steward for the fisheries resources in the Territory.

BC and Canada have not yet agreed that the Barricade agreement is a constitutionally protected treaty, but the shared Vision includes resolving its status through discussions rather than litigation.

Summary of Fisheries Milestones and Key Steps

  • Establish a Fisheries Advisory Team which consults with Lake Babine members and supports Lake Babine’s fisheries negotiations with input and advice. Lake Babine brings its objectives and proposals to the Lake Babine/Canada/British Columbia Fisheries Working Group (Working Group) for discussion.
  • The Working Group confirms the scope of Fisheries negotiations, which will cover at minimum:
    • The Barricade agreement;
    • Lake Babine fishing rights;
    • Sharing fisheries research data and analysis for the Territory;
    • Co-management of fisheries, including at a minimum:
      • Planning and execution of fisheries research,
      • Development of fisheries habitat protection and restoration measures,
      • Management of recreational and commercial fisheries,
      • Monitoring and enforcement of Lake Babine and non-Lake Babine fisheries in the Territory,
      • Management of the Babine River Fish Fence,
      • Authorizations required under the Fisheries Act for projects/activities in the Territory, and
      • Capacity funding.
  • Once LBN, Canada, and BC agree on the scope of the negotiations, they negotiate and try to reach agreement on Fisheries Agreement.

Meet our Fisheries Advisory Team

  • Clara Williams – Fort Babine
  • Desiree Loyie – Old Fort
  • Alex Joseph – Tachet
  • Beverly Michell – Donalds/Pinkut
  • Craig Patrick Sr. – Woyenne
  • Henry West – Gil Lan Tin
  • Herbert Williams – Lakh Tsa Mis Yu
  • Eugene Patrick – Jilh Ts’ekh Yu
  • Sam Tom – Lakh Ja Bu
  • Joseph Charlie Jr. – Youth On-Reserve
  • Charlotte West – Urban
  • *Youth Urban is vacant*