Justice Vision

Lake Babine Nation’s vision for dealing with offences is holistic and restorative: it will seek to balance rehabilitation, reparation, and accountability to the victims and the affected community, while also prioritizing community safety and risk reduction.

The objective of this vision is to see far fewer LBN members interacting with the criminal justice system, ensuring more LBN offenders find a healthy life path, and to make the five LBN Communities safer.

This will include a distinctive approach to youth in recognition of their unique needs.

The Foundation Agreement includes a 20-year roadmap for collaborative work between LBN, the Province and Canada to repair the damage caused by the Canadian justice system for more than a century.

LBN will also strengthen the application of its own traditional laws beyond the criminal law to include areas of LBN life, like Governance, Child and Family, Wildlife, and any other areas that members decide to prioritize.

Summary of Justice Milestones and Key Steps

Key steps

  • Establish a Justice Advisory Team to lead the work.
  • Make immediate improvements to programs and services for LBN members who are interacting with the criminal justice system, including victims, the accused, and affected families and Communities.
  • Improve programs and services for its Communities and urban members, with a major focus on LBN youth in consultation with Communities and urban members.
  • Take priorities to LBN-Canada-BC Justice Working Group and negotiate program and service improvements and additional funding.
  • Develop a Restorative Justice Strategy and establish an LBN Restorative Justice Centre to look for ways to combine traditional justice practices with the Canadian justice system.
  • Develop LBN legal framework of non-criminal legislation.

Meet our Justice Advisory Team

  • Karen Marlowe – Fort Babine
  • Mary West – Old Fort
  • Harley Alec – Tachet
  • Fabian Michell – Donalds/Pinkut
  • Nadine Joseph – Woyenne
  • Geraldine Michell – Gil Lan Tin
  • Beverly Abraham – Lakh Tsa Mis Yu
  • Rosie West – Jilh Ts’ekh Yu
  • Nancy Williams – Lakh Ja Bu
  • James Williams – Knowledge Holder
  • Sylvester Joseph – Youth On-Reserve
  • Stephanie Tom – Youth Urban
  • Nicole MacDonald – Urban