Infrastructure and Community Planning

Community Planning and Infrastructure Vision

Lake Babine Nation’s (LBN) vision is for all five Communities to enjoy good infrastructure.

This will allow each Community to:

  • House their administrations.
  • To gather, participate in programs and services, engage in healthy and meaningful indoor and outdoor recreational activities; and
  • Help citizens be healthy and safe in their Communities.

The Communities will all have enough quality, affordable, rental housing for members who want to live in the Communities and need somewhere to live.

LBN’s rental housing policy will be transparent, fair, and consistently enforced. The housing program will be financially sustainable with rents covering the cost of to build and maintain the housing stock in good condition.

LBN will provide home ownership opportunities in the Communities under a transparent and fair home ownership policy.

There will also be meaningful employment for citizens maintaining the community infrastructure and housing.

Summary of Community Planning and Infrastructure Milestones and Key Steps


  • Call out for names to join the Community Planning and Infrastructure Advisory Team.
  • The Advisory Team will consult with members in the five Communities and living in urban centres.
  • Proposals will be brought to the LBN/BC/Canada Community Planning and Infrastructure Working Group.
  • Create a separate plan for Community.
  • Develop design and construction plans for cultural centres in Fort Babine and Tachet and a Multiplex in Woyenne big enough to host Nation gatherings.
  • Seek funding for the plan from BC, Canada and additional sources.


  • Develop a Housing Strategy for the Nation in consultation with members.
  • Assess current and future housing needs.
  • Measure the gap between current needs and existing housing stock.
  • Create proposal for phased renovation, servicing, and construction work to satisfy the projected needs.
  • Develop the laws and policies necessary to implement the Housing Strategy.
  • Create plan to train the members needed to implement the Strategy.
  • Seek funding from government and additional sources.