Summary of Forests Vision

Lake Babine Nation’s (LBN) vision for forests is grounded in the recognition and implementation of LBN’s rights and title. LBN and BC intend to do this in a planned and orderly fashion to keep the regional forestry sector strong. LBN Forestry will be one of the largest forestry businesses in the Territory.

Implementing the vision will provide substantial revenues and job opportunities for LBN and its communities. In addition to its own businesses, LBN will collect a meaningful share of revenues from other forestry companies operating in the Territory.

LBN will work closely with the provincial government to manage the forests in a sustainable manner that protects other traditional land use activities.

LBN will maintain strong working relationships with other forestry companies and contribute to a strong investment climate and reliable timber supplies for local mills. Forestry will remain a driver of the regional economy.

Forests Milestones and Key Steps

LBN launched its own forestry business in 2016 with some initial financial support from BC. LBN’s Duane Crouse is the operations manager with support from Capacity Forests in their role as advisors. Additional funds to help grow Lake Babine’s forestry business are available from the Forestry Activities Fund that BC is providing under the Foundation Agreement.

The goal is to increase LBN’s annual timber production to 350,000 cubic metres, which would be almost half the current annual allowable cut in the Territory. This will occur through the Initial Land Transfers, new LBN forestry licenses on Crown land, and business to business partnerships with the forestry companies currently operating in Lake Babine Territory.

In terms of revenue-sharing, the Province is providing a $15 million Forestry Activities Fund to top up LBN’s current forestry revenue sharing money. This amount covers the first 5 years of the Foundation Agreement. Lake Babine and the Province will also negotiate a new, longer term approach to revenue-sharing.