Aboriginal Education Newsletter September 2020

Contact Information

Gina Patrick-Louis
Elementary/Secondary Coordinator

The Elementary / Secondary program is Nominal Roll driven and is done annually by October 15th (Except from INAC Instruction Manuel and Code book) What is the Nominal Roll? NR system: An information data base containing a list of student which provides a mechanism for the regions, districts and schools to undertake an annual census of students living on reserve and attending school.)

Nominal Roll is done on all Band operated schools and students who attend public schools in Burns Lake, Granisle, and Smithers, for Lake Babine students who reside on reserve.

Local Education Agreement:

The LEA is an agreement signed between the Lake Babine Nation and School District No.91. This agreement contains amongst other clauses funding flow through the tuition funds that we recieve for students on our Nominal Roll listing from AANDC. A signed LEA agreement is required for the Canada First Nation Funding Agreement between AANDC and LBN.
Please see Lake Babine Nation/School District No. 91 Local Education Agreement

Enhancement Agreement:

Lake Babine Nation along with other First Nations in District No. 91 areas signed an Enhancement agreement with the School District No.91 that has now expired. The First nations served by SD #91 are in the process of working on a new Enhancement Agreement.

First Nations Education Committee (School District No. 91 Nechako-Lakes)

The Lake Babine Nation Education does participate in the First Nations Education Committee of the SD 91, which oversees the Aboriginal Education Program, and the Targeted Funds 1.31 on behalf of students that attend our local schools of: Decker Lake Elementary, William Konkin Elementary, Lakes District Secondary, and Babine Elementary Schools.

The representatives at this table are the Education Director and/or the Elementary Secondary Coordinator.

Aboriginal Education Committee (School District No. 54 – Bulkley Valley)

The Lake Babine Nation Education also participates in this committee on behalf of our students from the community of Fort Babine (Wit’at), as they attend the Smithers Secondary School.

The representatives at this table are the Education Director and/or the Education Coordinator. Currently, Lake Babine Nation along with Wetsuwut’en Nation and the School District No. 54 are working on curriculum development for the schools of the Bulkley Valley region for language programs.