Housing, Capital & Infrastructure


The Housing Department now has Pre-Authorized Debit for Rent Payments

Tenants can now pay their Rent via Pre-Authorized Debit. Tenants will need to  sign and provide a void cheque or pre-authorized debit form from their bank to the Housing Department. It is important that all the information on the form is correct.

Any further questions, contact the Housing Department (250) 692-4740 | 1(888) 692-3214.

The Housing Committee is seeking Two (2) Housing Committee Members

To Apply, submit your letter of interest to Angela Nap, Housing Clerk

Our Team

Councillor Cheyene Dennis – Housing, Capital & Infrastructure Portfolio Holder

Bernard Patrick – Housing & Capital Infrastructure Director
Rick Dobbs – Capital Asset Protection Officer

Housing Department:

Angela Nap – Housing Clerk
Bernadette Dennis – Accounts Receivable Clerk
Rodney Patrick – Housing Maintenance
Jerry Tom – Housing Maintenance
Aaron Joseph – Housing Maintenance
Zach Lowley – Housing Maintenance

Housing Committee:

Geraldine Michell – Woyenne Representative
Debbie West – Woyenne Representative
Marilyn Alec – Woyenne Representative
Mary West – Woyenne Representative
Victor Tom – Tachet Representative
Kenny Stevenson – Tachet Representative
Vacant – Fort Babine Representation

Operations & Maintenance:

Ivan Leon – Tachet O/M Worker
Vacant – Fort Babine O/M Worker
Bruce Alec – Woyenne Administration Office O/M Worker
Shumka Janitorial – Woyenne Administration Office Custodians

Water Treatment Plant:

June Williams – Tachet Main Water Treatment Operator
Robert West – Tachet Back-Up Water Treatment Operator
Luma Dumont – Fort Babine Main Water Treatment Operator
Bruce Charlie – Fort Babine Back-Up Water Treatment Operator