Skakahtsin Lee Bey Yigh (Woyenne Daycare)


  • Fiona West, Infant/Toddler Supervisor
  • Cecilia Godfrey, Pre-School Supervisor
  • Nancy Piette,Infant/Toddler Assistant
  • Delilah Michell, Infant/Toddler Assistant
  • Shawnee Williams, CSFS Supported Child Care Worker
  • Mike Nolan, CSFS Supported Child Care Worker

The Woyenne Daycare operates a licensed child care facility with a maximum capacity of 12 infant/toddlers and 24 preschoolers. Depending on certified staff available. The centre currently operates with four (4) ECE certified staff and eight(8) support staff.

Registrations are August and September for entry, but are also on-going all year long, pending space availability.

Please see the Woyenne Daycare Parent Handbook.

For registration or further information, Please contact Mary Williams at 250-692-4763.

Morris Williams Elementary

Contact Information
Phone:(250) 692-7611
827 Williams Drive
PO Box 879
Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E0

Morris Williams Memorial Preschool is fully certification to operate as a BC equivalent standard preschool. This facility is operated by LBN Members with a unique curriculum that includes the Babine Carrier Language as the first language. Preschoolers are picked up at their home with a school bus. Preschoolers are prepared to enter into the public educational system with an adage of early intervention programs.

The Morris Williams Memorial Kindergarten operates full-time structured daycare program with a certified teacher, an ECE worker and and EA.

  • Youlanda Spenst, B.Ed. (Bachelor’s in Education), Teacher/Principal
  • Gina Penner, Education Assistant/ECE
  • Frank Michell Jr, Kindergarten Janitor

Morris Williams Elementary School – Grade 1-7:

Operates 4 classes, including a Grade 1/2, a Grade 2/3 and a Grade 4/5 and Grade 6/7 class with a total staff of 4 certified teachers, and 8 EA/Supervisors.

  • Rosalie MacDonald, Grade 1/2 Teacher
  • Marion Smith, Grade 1/2 Education Assistant
  • Vanessa West, Grade 1/2 Education Assistant
  • Jackie Williams, Teacher – Grade 2/3
  • Teresa Williams, Grade 2/3 Education Assistant
  • Cheryl Abraham, Grade 2/3 Education Assistant
  • Georgina Erickson, Teacher – Grade 4/5
  • Denise Williams, Grade 4/5 Education Assistant
  • Hannah Lacerte, Grade 4/5 Education Assistant
  • Bernadette Lacerte, Teacher – Grade 6/7
  • Marsha Erickson, Grade 6/7 Education Assistant
  • Helene Bull, Grade 6/7 Education Assistant
  • Susan Russell, Student Support Worker
  • Cherise Wilejto, Physical Education Teacher
  • Melinda Paulson, Special Education Teacher
  • Barbara Patrick, Carrier Language Teacher
  • Nathan Alec, School Maintenance

Ted Williams Memorial Learning Centre

Contact Information
142 Sus Ave
PO Box 879
Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E0
Phone: (250) 692-2355

This facility is operated by LBN Members and has advanced into blending today’s technological advances in all Adult Learning programs. The Babine Carrier Language is currently being introduced as part of the curriculum with the students being reintroduced into the balhats system.

K’ay Skak (Woyenne Secondary) School

  • Garry Klugie, B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education), Teacher
  • Teanne Klugie, Teacher’s Aide

The K’ay Skak school currently has anywhere between 17 and 20 students per academic year, and has a teacher, and teacher’s aide working full time at the school.

Also operating the Blade Runners Employment Program, providing 10-12 youth aged 15-30 with:

  • Training
  • Upgrading
  • Life Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Job Training

Kay Skak Higher Learning Centre operates from Monday to Friday.

Fort Babine Community School

Fort Babine Community School operates on a full-time basis with 2 certified teachers, an EA, a Language and Culture Teacher/EA and a janitor/maintenance worker.

  • Rachel Murdock, Unlicensed Grade K-3 Teacher

Download the Nechako Lakes Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement.

Please see the Fort Babine Elem. School – First Nations School Assessment

Aboriginal Services Innovations – Early Years

  • Shauna Alec, Aboriginal Services Innovations – Early Years Coordinator
  • Rita Thompson, ECE Outreach Worker