Indian Registration


Dear LBN Members,

Did you miss out on the LBN Urban Community events held December 1st in Vancouver and December 5 in Prince George? Apologies if I have missed you!  Membership may be able to return if there is enough applicants to reschedule a return. Send a message below to be placed on a list for Prince George, Vancouver, or Smithers! Once there are enough signed up, Membership will consider scheduling a venue, date, and time to assist you!

If you absolutely cannot wait, all forms and instructions are available below for view/download. Membership can always walk you through completing an application over the phone or video conference call to ensure accuracy before sending off. Request in contact form below for membership to set that time aside for you.

Kind regards,

Kerry West
Indian Registration Administrator



The membership office is located UPSTAIRS of the Woyenne Administration building – 225 Sus Ave Burns Lake BC. However, Administration Offices are still CLOSED to the public. Services are available by appointment only.

To PROTECT your personal and CONFIDENTIAL information, please DO NOT use Lake Babine Nation’s Facebook Messengers or attempt to contact Membership’s personal account to book. This goes against both Lake Babine Nation and Indigenous Services Canada’s Ethical Behavior/ Social Media policies.

LBN Members are encouraged to share this information with Elders or those who do not have social media or access to the internet.

SCIS Photo App information

Indigenous Services Canada is proud to announce the launch of a new photo app designed to simplify the application process for a Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS). The photo app lets applicants take a photo with a smartphone and submit it online as part of their SCIS application.

Available as a free download from Google Play and App Store, the new app will allow applicants to capture their own, eliminating the cost of a photographer and making the application process more accessible and convenient to First Nations people and communities across the country.

The SCIS Photo App will allow the department to receive photos transmitted straight from smartphones into a secure database exclusively for SCIS applications. The photos can then be easily matched to the completed application form. All information provided through the app is encrypted, and collection and use of personal information is in accordance with the Privacy Act.

Contact the Gatineau Office during Service hours:
Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm Eastern time

via phone +1 (800) 567-9604
or email: infopubs@sac-isc.gc.ca (most effective)

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An Indian Registration Administrator (IRA) at Carrier Sekani Tribal Council (CSTC) may assist you!

CSTC IRA – February 2021: At this time, we are backlogged with status requests we won’t be able to make an appointment until the end of March (only if the COVID-19 safeguard is lifted from our office). I am able to assist you with your SCIS (Secured Certificate of Indian Status) or a CIS (Certificate of Indian Status) (paper laminate card). Processing time after completing and sending the forms and to receive your new SCIS card will be 16 weeks. CSTC IRA will need some information from you as our office is still closed to the public and I can fill out the forms as much as possible, so we can have as much limited interaction and space as possible.

What information that IRA requires:

  •  your full name as it is on your status card
  • status number (10 digits)
  • CIS number on your status card (usually on the top right corner different from your status number)
  • exactly what is written for your band such as if it has “Whut’en” or “Nation” etc
  • your address, phone number, email address
  • expiry date of your status card
  • another photo ID, expiry date and registry number (id such as driver’s license, Health Card or BC

If you had already completed forms, it will have to be written in CAPITAL BLOCK LETTERS with no mistakes OR if you would like a couple copies to fill out at home please call (250) 562-6279.

NOTE: you might also need to fill out a guarantor form filled out by someone who has a SCIS card and has known you for at least 2 years

Contact CSTC IRA by Phone: (250) 562-6279 or click here to email


Members can call the Appointment line: (236) 330-9961 for the Vancouver Regional Office for SCIS status cards, Birth Registrations, or other Life Events (without having to send your original required documents).