Indian Registration


Administration Offices are still CLOSED to the public. Limited services available and accessible via email or over the phone.


  • An IRA cannot discuss any registration information of another member with anyone as it is their personal CONFIDENTIAL information as IRA does not have written consent, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Members the ages 15 & under or a Dependent Adult, the Parent or Legal Guardian must contact the IRA to answer security questions and provide identification or provide up to date court documents when requesting child(ren) or dependent adult’s information.
  • Members the ages 16+ must contact IRA themselves to provide identification and to answer security questions before any Indian Registration services.
  • Service providers assisting members must provide a signed and dated Consent to Release information form written consent to speak on behalf of a member via email prior to collecting information. Verbal consent may be given to service providers over the phone if member is present and answers security questions and consents to information to be released.

In the event that you’ve lost all your personal Identification, you will need start off by visiting a Service BC or visit website https://ecos.vs.gov.bc.ca/ to order your Birth Certificate. Once you obtain your Birth Certificate you can continue to regain your other identification using your Birth Certificate. IRA needs valid photo ID and sometimes secondary identification for all Indian Registry services.

Click here to visit the Indigenous Services Canada Website



  • SCIS related phone calls, please have identification ready when calling. Birth Registrations, please have Birth Certificate and identification ready when calling.
  • SCIS Applications & Birth Registrations: can now be done as remotely as possible until IRA meets you at the Main Administration entrance for signatures after the following have been completed:
    • Answer security questions then provide contact information and mailing address over the phone.
    • Provide 2 passport style (Length 70mm x width 50mm) photos (LBN can now do passport style photos for a fee of $20) for SCIS or combo of SCIS and Birth Registration applications.
    • Provide Government issued Photo ID for photocopying at time of signature.
    • Applications will be sent to the National SCIS Processing Unit office in Gatineau, Quebec within a week of application completed.
  • Life Events (Marriage, Change of Name, Divorce, or Death) to be recorded by arranging a time via phone call or email to meet at the front door or can be mailed to main office, Attention: Kerry West, Indian Registration Administrator.


If you missed out on the March 18-19 & July 15-16, 2021 dates for any SCIS, Birth Registration, and recording of any Life Events, please see below.

An Indian Registration Administrator (IRA) at Carrier Sekani Tribal Council (CSTC) may assist you!

CSTC IRA – February 2021: At this time, we are backlogged with status requests we won’t be able to make an appointment until the end of March (only if the Covid safeguard is lifted from our office). I am able to assist you with your SCIS (Secured Certificate of Indian Status) or a CIS (Certificate of Indian Status) (paper laminate card). Processing time after completing and sending the forms and to receive your new SCIS card will be 16 weeks. CSTC IRA will need some information from you as our office is still closed to the public and I can fill out the forms as much as possible, so we can have as much limited interaction and space as possible.

What information that IRA requires:

  •  your full name as it is on your status card
  • status number (10 digits)
  • registry number on your status card (usually on the top corner different from your status number)
  • exactly what is written for your band such as if it has “Whut’en” or “Nation” etc
  • your address, phone number, email address
  • expiry date of your status card
  • another picture id, expiry date and registry number (id such as driver’s license, Health Card or BC

If you had already filled out the forms, it will have to be written in capital block letters with no mistakes OR if you would like a couple copies to fill out at home please call (250) 562-6279.

NOTE: you might also need to fill out a guarantor form filled out by someone who has a SCIS card and has known you for at least 2 years

Contact CSTC IRA by Phone: (250) 562-6279 or click here to email


Members can call the Appointment line: (236) 330-9961 for the Vancouver Regional Office for SCIS status cards, Birth Registrations, or other Life Events (without having to send your original required documents).

Best Practices Surrounding Expired Status Cards During COVID-19




SCIS Photo App information

Indigenous Services Canada is proud to announce the launch of a new photo app designed to simplify the application process for a Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS). The photo app lets applicants take a photo with a smartphone and submit it online as part of their SCIS application.

Available as a free download from Google Play and App Store, the new app will allow applicants to capture their own, eliminating the cost of a photographer and making the application process more accessible and convenient to First Nations people and communities across the country.

The SCIS Photo App will allow the department to receive photos transmitted straight from smartphones into a secure database exclusively for SCIS applications. The photos can then be easily matched to the completed application form. All information provided through the app is encrypted, and collection and use of personal information is in accordance with the Privacy Act.


Contact First Nations Health Authority 1 (855) 550-5454
website: www.fnha.ca 



Please find below  resources for Lake Babine members residing on-reserve who might wish to write a will or looking for estate information.

  1. General information for on-reserve estates (for example, what is an estate, what does an administrator/executor do) Estate services for First Nations (sac-isc.gc.ca);
  2. General information for estate – Indian Act – Information for estate administrators Administering an Indian Act Estate: General Information for Administrators (sac-isc.gc.ca);
  3. Aboriginal Financial Officers will writing kit for on-reserve estates (attached).  This includes a template for simple estates and a starting point for writing a will.
  4. Aboriginal Legal Aid – information for on-reserve estates – https://aboriginal.legalaid.bc.ca/reserve-legal-issues/wills-estates