Language and Culture

Language Curriculum Development & Programming

Lake Babine Nation has been working in partnership with School District #91 to develop an Integrated Resource package for Kindergarten to Grade 12. A memorandum of Understanding between LBN and SD #91 was signed off to clarify the roles, responsibilities and outcomes of this project.

Calvin Desmarais, Aboriginal Education Principal and LBN Education Director Monty Palmantier, are the administrative leads. Louise Lacerte, LBN Language Curriculum Coordinator and appointed staff from SD #91 will work on the curriculum itself.

The Nadut’en language IRP has been submitted to the Ministry of Education and we are currently awaiting the final approval.

Lake Babine Nation Carrier Language and Culture Teacher Program

Lake Babine Nation has offered a Carrier Language and Culture Teacher training program, in the past. This program was launched in September 2008. This program was a partnership between LBN, the University of Northern British Columbia and the College of New Caledonia. A Protocol Agreement between the three parties was signed on February 7, 2008.

Developmental Standards Term Certificate (DSTC) Protocol Agreement signing: February 7, 2008

L to R: Dr. Don Cozetto (UNBC President), former Chief Betty Patrick (LBN), Mayor Bernice Magee (Burns Lake, Witness), and; Lynn Jacques (Vice President, CNC).

The program ran for three years in a ‘laddering’ process. At the end of the first year students will receive a Certificate in Language and Culture from UNBC. This will be followed by a Diploma in Language and Culture at the end of year two. At the end of year three students will graduate with their Education Diploma and be eligible for certification as Language and Culture teachers. Students will also have the option of continuing for an additional two years and complete their Bachelor of Education degree and be qualified as elementary school teachers.

Presently, there are thirteen (13) Lake Babine Nation students, one (1) from Hagwilget, and three (3) from Wetsuwut’en that are currently into their third year of the DSTC program. The students have gone through graduation ceremonies at University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC), last May 2010 receiving their Certificate in First Nations Studies in Language, and currently completed their second year Diploma in First Nations Studies in Language.

LBN graduates: Kelly Tizya, Beatrice Michell and Rosalie MacDonald are currently teaching at Morris Williams Elementary School – Grade 1-5 on Woyenne Reserve,

Graduate Fran Brown is the Home Early Years Outreach Coordinator at Lake Babine Nation.

Back row from left to right: Fran Brown, Bernadette Lacerte, Jackie Lowley-Williams, Cecilia Godfrey, Georgina West, Lucy Fortin, Barbara Patrick, Rosalie Macdonald, Dolores Alfred.
Front row left to right: Beatrice Michell, Brenda Michell-Joseph, Kelly Tizya, Amanda George, Roberta Alec, Wanda Nika.