Social Development

Listed below are a few guidelines that explain when applying for Income Assistance and what to expect in terms of service:

  • Income assistance provides temporary support to eligible clients in need.
  • To receive income assistance, you need to meet specific eligibility criteria.

When you apply for income assistance, you will:

  • Submit an application;
  • Receive assistance/benefits for which you qualify under Indian & Northern Affairs Canada policy;
  • Be informed of your responsibilities and one of them is that you keep the Band Social Development Worker up dated on any life or household changes which may affect your benefits.

When you apply for and receive Income Assistance, you are responsible for:

  • Completing all required eligibility forms;
  • Pay half of your utility bills;
  • Disclosing all required information such as providing copies of utility bills and rental agreements;
  • Using all available resources and income to support yourself prior to applying for income assistance;
  • Promptly informing the Band Social Worker of any changes that affect eligibility;
  • Working towards greater or complete independence from income assistance;
  • Participating in available employability programs;
  • Be treated fairly while receiving prompt, courteous and efficient service.

To ensure you receive the benefits you are entitled to in a prompt and timely manner, it is essential that you complete and hand in all paperwork.

Special Needs Allowance:

This is available based on meeting specific eligibility criteria for each allowance:

  • Incentive allowance
  • Natal Allowance
  • Infant Formula
  • Diet Allowance
  • Camp Fee
  • December Bonus
  • Work clothes/work transportation benefit
  • Workforce Entry benefit

Our Department also has the following services available:

Adult-In-Home Care (Homemaker Services)

This service is available for Elders or people with disabilities that need help with day-to-day tasks such as preparing meals, housecleaning and laundry.  This also assists the clients who don’t have a family member nearby who can perform these tasks.


Training and Employment Support Initiatives is to assist recipients in developing the skills they need in order to enter vocational training, educational programs, or employment.

National Child Benefit (NCB):

Listed below is what our Department covers through NCB:

  • Woyenne Community: We cover hot lunch fees for William Konkin Elementary School for SA recipients whose children attend school and also deliver boxed lunches twice a month;
  • Tachet Community: We cover hot lunch orders through Babine Elementary School.
  • Fort Babine Community: The teachers serve snacks as well as providing lunch to the ESWK students who attend the program.
  • Christmas Activities:  Food Hampers, Community Dinner, gifts for children and elders.  This is for all 3 Communities;
  • Halloween Party/Costume Contest: This is held annually within all 3 Communities;
  • Traditional Food Program: This is held annually during the summer season within all 3 Communities.

Children Out of Parental Home (COPH):

Children Out of Parental Home COPH (formerly GFA) — This program is no longer funded once the current files are closed or the children are of age.  Their use to be the program where children were able to be placed with their relatives, this now has to be done through The Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Rent & Utilities:

Many of the clients are concerned as to “how” payments are made for rent and utility bills. An example is listed below:

  • Single parent with child – Receipt of income assistance = 2 people
  • Working tenant with a spouse and two children = 4 people
  • Total Residing in one household = 6 people

Rent is $640.00 divided by 6 people is $106.67.  Therefore, the Social Assistant client pays $213.34, as rent will be for two people and the working tenant pays $426.64.

BC Hydro and Pacific Northern Gas Payments:

Our Department only pays the equal payment amount on a monthly basis. If the equal payment amount for Pacific Northern Gas is $240.00, you would divide this by 6 people, which is $40.00.  Therefore, on behalf of the Social Assistant client, our Department would pay $80.00.  The amount of $160.00 is the responsibility of the working tenant.  The same procedure is applied to BC Hydro bills.