Nursing Program

The Lake Babine Nation Nursing program offers a broad spectrum of Nursing Services to all on reserve clients. These services span the lifespan of clients from birth to death. The Nursing program is headed by the Health Director, the Nursing Supervisor who provides direction and support to all aspects of the Nursing services and monitors and support the full complement of Nursing staff including:

  • (1) Licensed Practical Nurse
  • (1) Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Community Health Representative
  • Community Health Nurse (Immunizations Certification and Sexual Transmitted Infection control and Contraceptive Certification)
  • Home Care Nurses
  • Certified Home Support staff

The role of the Nursing Supervisor includes:

  • Program planning
  • Reporting, program
  • Service delivery evaluation
  • Immediate nursing practice assessment and support services
  • Performance evaluation
  • Recruitment and retention activities

Essential services in situations of short staffing covered by the Nursing Supervisor include; Home Care Client intake assessment, ongoing consultation for the Home & Community Care Program, all Mandatory Immunization and Disease Control services.

The Nursing Services provided meet or exceed Provincial standards and the College of Registered Nurses Association of BC and/or College of Registered Licensed Practical Nurses.

Community Health Services provided by Lake Babine Nation includes:

  • TB Services to Aboriginals –on reserve including screening, skin testing, referral, Direct Observed Therapy (DOT), education and awareness activities. (LBN’s TB Scrap program was represented at the 2009 International TB conference).
  • Immunizations for all infants, adults and school age children.
  • Infant development & growth assessment.
  • Prenatal/Postnatal assessment, education and nutritional supplement (Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program.
  • Well Men & Women services including Sexual Health Assessment and Treatment, Sexually Transmitted Infection assessment and treatment, Contraceptive Control services.
  • Health promotion and injury prevention via workshops, one-one counselling, newsletters Preschool assessment including vision, hearing, language and developmental assessments.
  • Assistance with coordinating health care services, advocating for appropriate services, referrals and community networking.

The Home & Community Care Program (HCCP) is one of the largest and most successful programs offered in northern BC. The service mandate is to provide quality Home Care Nursing services to all on-reserve clients who meet the admission criteria regardless of age.

Lake Babine Nation Health Department: 250-692-4700